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Dubai has one of the highest per capita water consumption levels in the world. 99% of its water comes from desalination plants, which remove the salt from sea water. The highest temperature ever recorded in Dubai was 49.0°C (120°F), in July 2019. A falconer in the desert in Dubai. Oct 01, 2019 · Fun Facts About Space The sun makes up more than 99% of the mass in our solar system. Lined up, all of the planets in the solar system could fit between the Earth and the moon. The Great Wall of China is not actually visible from space. One million Earths could fit inside the sun. It rains diamonds on both Jupiter and Saturn.. Best FUNNY Videos 2022 TOP People doing funny stupid things Part 15 Vines best fun 4.78M subscribers Subscribe 83 Share 5.7K views 2 hours ago Hi my friends, please check our new.

8. Smallest host country. With a population of 2.985 million (as of September 2022), and a land area of 11,571 square metres, Qatar is the smallest host country on record. 9. First.

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Here are some fun facts about skeletons to feed your bony curiosity! The word skeleton refers to the structure consisting of all the bones in the human body A normal human body counts 206 bones in its structure During childbirth, a baby’s body is born with roughly 270 bones in its tiny frame.

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